Approved Illinois Supreme Court Standardized Forms

Appellate Forms


Approved Statewide Forms

These Illinois Supreme Court Standardized forms have been approved for use by the Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice and are required to be accepted in all Illinois courts.
Answer/response to complaint petition
Expungement and Sealing
Fee Waiver
Financial Affidavit Suite
Interpreter Request
Limited Scope
Mortgage Foreclosure
Name Change
Proof of Delivery

Citation Forms

Certificate of attorney or judgment creditor in citation proceedings - CC – 48 V1
Citation Notice
Citation to discover assets
Citation to discover assets to third party

Divorce Forms

Certificate of Dissolution
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage / Civil Union (Divorce with Children)

Eviction Forms

Appearance (Self-Represented Parties)
Appearance Attorney - CC-225 V9
Eviction Complaint
Eviction Summons

Garnishment Forms

Affadit for wage deducation order
Affidavit for garnishment non wage
Defendant's Motion To Claim Exemption Under Garnishment Proceedings
Garnishment notice non wage
Notice of motion for wage deduction exemption hearing - CC-18
Wage Deduction Notice - CC-81 V2
Wage Deduction Order - CC-12 V6
Wage Deduction Summons - CC-27 V2

General Forms

Affidavit for Job Search - CC-1251 V2
Entry of Appearance, Waiver and Consent/Divorce
Entry of Waiver and Consent/Divorce
Jury Demand - CC-233 V5
Miitary Service Affidavit - CC-51 V6
Notice & Proof of Service
Notice of Motion - CC-1901
Notice of Motion b - CC-1901
Proof Of Service
Subpoena / Subpoena Duces Tecum

Small Claims Forms

Appearance (Self-Represented Parties)
Appearance Attorney - CC-225 V9
Satisfaction Release of Judgment - CC- 1765 V2
Small Claims Complaint
Small Claims Summons


Arbitration Summons - CC-7 V2
Summons (30 Days)
Summons (Day Certain)