If you have been summoned for jury duty and are ill, please call 815-547-6848 or 815-547-6906 to discuss your situation.


To access the online juror questionnaire, click on the following link:
To complete the juror questionnaire from your mobile device, TEXT boonejuryduty@17thcircuit.illinoiscourts.gov and enter your juror number.
NOTE: This is a non-responsive address.
To complete the juror questionnaire through the automated phone system, call
(815) 547-1537.
If you are unable to access the juror questionnaire online or by phone, you may call  815-547-6848 or 815-547-6906 and the jury clerk will mail you a written questionnaire for you to complete and submit..
On May 10th, 2016, a new automated jury system was rolled out in Boone County.
Citizens will be receiving a blue postcard in the mail notifying them that they have been selected as a prospective juror.  THIS IS NOT A JUROR SUMMONS.  The notice requires the citizen to respond within 10 days by completing a juror questionnaire using one of the methods listed above.
Jurors that are found to be qualified will be placed in a juror pool.  When jurors are needed to appear for service, a summons will be issued to them.

Trial by jury is a fundamental principle of our system of justice.  Jury service is therefore both an opportunity and an obligation of every American citizen.  The following information will give perspective jurors some background information about the process and what to expect when reporting for jury duty.
A Petit Jury is generally 12 people sworn to try either a criminal or a civil case.  Usually, 1 or 2 alternate jurors are also chosen.   Jurors hear evidence, deliberate and render a verdict.  Petit Juries convene during the first and third weeks of each month.
A Grand Jury is comprised of 16 people and is sworn to hear evidence presented by the prosecution and determines if such evidence is sufficient to charge a person or persons with a crime by a Bill of Indictment.  The Grand Jury is seated in January of each year and is reconvened as needed throughout the year.
Petit and Grand jurors are paid the same.  Pursuant to County Board action, juror pay is currently set at $12.00 per day and .10 per mile.
Jury Duty is a privilege to be taken seriously by all those called to serve.
Jury Eligibility

  • At least 18 year of age
  • Resident of Boone County
  • Citizen of the United States

 Jury pool consists of a merged compilation from:

  • Voter’s Registration
  • Driver’s License Registration
  • Illinois Identification Card
  • Illinois Unemployment Benefits

 Juror deferral / excusal permitted when:

  • Health (doctor’s letter required)
  • Extreme hardship

 Jurors are exempt if:

  • They no longer live in Boone County
  • They have served within the last twelve months time period
  • They are currently servicing a sentence for a crime or are on Probation or Parole

There are NO WORK EXEMPTIONS from Jury Duty. By statute, employers must give a juror time off work for his/her jury duty and may not require an employee to work second or third shifts while on jury duty.  However, an employer is not legally required to reimburse the juror his/her pay.