Credit Collection Partners or Paycourt, as they are now called, is the collection company we use for old outstanding fines. When a case is left with a balance, it gets sent to collections. When a case is sent to collections, we add 30% to the total balance. There are a few different ways you can handle this.

1. You can call Paycourt directly or go to their website to make a payment. The paycourt staff will help you set up a payment plan that works best for you. Any payment you make to Paycourt will be reflected on your account in Boone County. If you are looking your case up on, please give it up to 2 weeks for that payment to be processed and reflected in our system.

2. You can make payments to the court directly. Any payment you make at the courthouse will be reflected on your Paycourt balance once they get notified of it. This can sometimes take a few days to a week. Please see our "Payments" page accesible from our home page.  

If you have any additional questions you can always contact the court at 815-544-0371 or you can contact Paycourt at 217-284-4117 or 800-331-9772. You can always email them at or text them at 22804.